Dedicatorias #88. L(a)(e)nguage

Sometimes you write to me in English
I thought I would try
The thing is 
I want to sound different
I want to be new
I want to free myself from Spanish
I thought maybe I could be
A whole new person
It's logic, you know
I'm in another language so I'm not
I'm this other letter, only a long, thin, perfect stick
Just a girl like Gwen sings 
A complete different person but 
Just like me
But another, named Key
Standing in a corner wating for you
And this one has an absolute crash on you
Just like me
That's great you know
in English I can say I have a crash on you and
Imagine a complete disaster
Car crash, airplane crash, planet crash, big bang
Crash crash crash
Love crash
See? I can sound different
Like when we make love
I howl like a she-wolf
Yellow she-wolf you called me
And I crash you 
You crash me
We sparkle we starred
Our eyes connects like tunnels
So fast so deep so strong
Our pupils are black mirrors and we swim away
Dolphins, sea-horses, golden fishes
Far and away to somewhere we invent together
Pure ocean and waves crowned with foam
Or is it the sky
and those are clouds?
I close my eyes 
The feeling is so intense
I'm like a string
I keep vibrating
Oh my god, what is this?
Explosions of wind
This is you
In me
This is my
In you
Upside down
Backwards and forwards
This is us
Something brand new
Shiny little suns scattered in the room
And after this pick of madness
We cannot stop
What is this? I ask you
You smile at me
You know I know
Maybe that's why I have to change language
Look, Spanish, English
They're not working
Look, tell me
Is every word caressing you, holding you?
Is every word my tongue in you skin?
Really, tell me
Is every word bursting in love?
Is it?
Well, that's why I have to touch you
Language is not enough
Language is not my body embracing yours
Language is like time
It's a line we have to bend
And we can
Let's crash it. 


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