Mostrando las entradas de marzo 9, 2014

Tell me you love me

Tell me you love me Come on, tell me that your eyes will soften now enough of the axe of the knife that tell me that it doesn’t matter what happens what you do
you love me always (now then – come on, tell me, tell me                    
straight away)  the thing is, you’re difficult to cross your face your joke your steady eyes and everything always hanging by a tiny thread      hanging like that – a thread – like that and you with the scissors in your hand one false move and one foot wrong and (watch where you step, ok?  look at the path, can’t you see the holes?) and I clumsy as ever can do no more than fall put a foot right right where the thread and the scissors and the eyes that are falling falling falling like I what I am falling Tell me you love me doesn’t this knot seem enough to you? (it’s not so difficult, just three words, come on, out with it, tell me, tell me that) you love me? but tell me and mean it say it in a whisper  say it from within say it without hardening your voice tell me like when you miss me …